YSS Conducts Annual Boys’ Camp for its Schools in West Bengal (September 2019)

The ideal of right education for youth, close to Gurudeva’s heart, found a deeper expression in the annual boys’ camp for YSS schools in West Bengal at the premises of Yogoda Satsanga Kshirodamoyee Vidyapith, Lakhanpur in Purulia district, from September 23 - 28, 2019.

Sixty-six students, 11 from each of the six YSS schools in West Bengal were selected to participate in the camp, following a written test conducted on Guruji’s life. The boys from different schools were mixed into six groups named after the YSS line of Gurus.

The camp was inaugurated on September 23 by Swami Suddhananda. During the five days, they attended a programme based on Paramahansaji’s How-to-Live principles, Energization Exercises, and the techniques of concentration and meditation. Sannyasis and devotees conducted classes on themes such as the need for self-discipline, how to study, making the best of life’s opportunities, and also narrated to them inspiring stories from Guruji’s life.

As part of their craft and work projects, they learnt candle making, basics of tailoring, first aid procedures, gardening, computers and painting. The instruction in and experience of public speaking was also well received.

The slot for games in the evening drew the most enthusiastic participation of the young boys. The bonding and teamwork that developed among students from different schools was a highlight.

The camp came to a close on September 28 with an inspirational satsanga by Swami Nigamananda wherein he related many stories on how YSS schools were founded with Gurudeva’s grace.

At the end of the session, prizes were distributed among the participants for their achievements in various areas during the camp. This included award for best performance for an inspiring cultural programme put up by the students.

The students returned with reluctance, carrying an unforgettable experience for their lifetime – evident from their tearful farewells to the newly-formed friends and guides.

A dedicated team of volunteers and staff members from Yogoda Satsanga Math - Dakshineswar, YSS Lakhanpur Sakha Kendra and YSS Kshirodamoyee Vidyapith, Lakhanpur provided unrelenting and tireless support to facilitate this boys’ camp.