Book Room & Information Centre Inauguration (Garpar)

The book shop and Yogoda Satsanga Information Centre at 37A, Raja Dinendra Street adjacent to 17/1 Pitambar Bhattacharjee Lane (Garpar Centre) , Kolkata, was inaugurated by Swami Suddhanandaji. Brahmacharis Achyutanandaji,  Swarupanandaji and Shreyanandaji were also present, along with approximately 200 devotees and guests. At 4 pm Swami Suddhanandaji cut the ribbon, amidst chants from the crowd of “Jai Guru”, and the door opened to reveal a spacious room with a beautifully decorated altar and books, CDs, How to live booklets, all neatly arranged in cupboards and shelves.  Swamiji performed ‘Aarti’, followed by Om Chant, Guru Vandana and one of Guruji’s favourite chants – ‘Door of my heart’.  The entire crowd joined in chanting with enthusiasm and devotion.

After thirty minutes of meditation, Br. Achyutanandaji gave a short talk on the origin of the Garpar Kendra – how Guruji started from a small place in a close by area Bagmari, and then moved to 17 Pitambar Bhattacharjee Lane where he began to conduct meditations with a small group.

Members of Guruji’s family who were present were felicitated by Swami Suddhanandaji. Brahmachari Swarupanandaji requested them to speak for a few minutes and each one spoke about little incidents in their lives which proved to them beyond doubt that Guruji was with them all the time.

Swami Suddhanandaji gifted tokens of appreciation to ashram engineer and devotee Partho Ghosh and other members of the team who, as Br. Swarupanandaji mentioned had made completion of the bookshop possible in such a short space of time through their untiring zeal and efforts.

Finally, Swamiji ended by saying that if we depend on Guruji,  He will never let us down. He quoted a poem written by Daya Ma’s mother, Shyama ma –

“You are God, you will not fail –

You have pledged your word, you will not fail –

You will see me through, you will not fail –

It is You with whom I have to do.”

Brahmachari Achyutanandaji sang Bhajans, and devotees took Prasad from Swami Suddhanandaji; some made purchases of books and calendars.

All the devotees who participated felt it had been a very beautiful and inspiring programme.